Why are some sports teams not getting coverage in The Coronado News? The answer: Coaches are freezing us out. Photo illustration by Willem Quigley.

Since The Coronado News began publishing online Jan. 31, and in print on Feb. 24, we have had game coverage and feature stories about boys and girls basketball, cheerleading, boys tennis, girls water polo, softball and track and field

A few parents have asked us why we haven’t covered other sports teams at Coronado High School.

Simple answer: A few Coronado High School coaches have declined to give us access to them or their players, citing a loyalty to other publications in town.

We get that we are the new kids on the block, and we have great admiration for the other publications who do a fantastic job of covering the Islanders.

But, by freezing us out, the only ones getting hurt are the student athletes who could use the coverage to appeal to college coaches for scholarships. Or, the stories could be nice high school memories for a scrapbook or sent to out-of-town relatives.

We were thrilled to cover senior night at Coronado High School for the boys and girls basketball teams, and Coronado News reporters Nick Hancock and Cade Cavin had stories about the games online within an hour or so after the final horn sounded in each game. We also had individual pictures of each senior player and family members at thecoronadonews.com. 

Further, Willem Quigley, one of our photographers, has done an amazing job of capturing action shots of numerous Coronado athletes and teams.

Since late last year, we have reached out to every coach at Coronado High School letting them know we want to cover each program. Most have been incredibly helpful, and we are grateful to Athletic Director Robin Nixon who welcomed us to town and gave us some great story ideas.

We understand coaches and teachers are incredibly busy, but those who have returned our calls, emails and texts have had stories written about their players and teams.

There are other great stories out there, and we would love to cover all of the Islanders’ teams.

But, we need some help from a few coaches who are leading those programs. 

Parents and coaches can reach out to Editor Craig Harris at craig@thecoronadonews.com or 602-509-3613.

Craig Harris is the editor and associate publisher of The Coronado News.

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Craig Harris has 31 years of daily journalism experience and is editor and associate publisher. He most recently worked at USA TODAY as a national investigative business reporter, and he’s a two-time Polk Award winner. You can catch him at the Coronado dog beach with his beagle, Daisy, who has her own Twitter account. He can be reached by email or at 602-509-3613.

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