Senior Ethan Harrington is one of the top players on Coronado's tennis team and is a rising musical star. Photo by Willem Quigley.

Take a glance at the Coronado High School boys tennis team’s depth chart, and you’ll see one of the more well-rounded rosters in San Diego County.

Sitting in the second spot in the rotation is Ethan Harrington, a senior and team captain.

Born in La Jolla, but hailing from South Florida, Harrington moved to Coronado just before high school and has made an impact on the tennis team and musically.

YouTube video
Ethan Harrington, a senior at Coronado High School, has made several music videos amassing 1.7 million views.

Simply going by the name ‘Ethan,’ the talented tennis player is arguably finding more success in the music industry. 

Harrington has nearly 12,000 subscribers on YouTube, but his music has already touched millions.

Over 1 million views

The four music videos Harrington has released all have amassed over 1.5 million views, and according to Harrington, he is hoping his fifth music video will top 2 million views. 

The views and streams that Harrington has received on his songs so far would suggest he’s been pursuing music for a while, but he said he’s just gotten started.

“I would say last year is when I really started getting ‘serious’ about my music. That is when I started recording professionally and trying to get a following,” said Harrington. 

Being both a dual citizen of the United States and Spain, while also spending time in South Florida, Harrington displays his roots in his music that he mainly performs in Spanish.

YouTube video
Coronado High School senior Ethan Harrington who goes by “Ethan” for his musical career has nearly 12,000 You Tube subscribers.

Song titles including Partido en dos and Espera este amor have attracted a worldwide audience for Harrington.

Before the season is in full swing and takes up all of Harrington’s time, he was able to release one more song, We Can’t Get Along.

Balancing act

According to Harrington, balancing tennis and music is not easy.

“There isn’t much flexibility with the tennis schedule, so my music projects usually have to wait a bit,” said Harrington. 

Lucky for him, he was able to complete this most recent project and now will have all his attention set on his senior season. 

YouTube video
Ethan Harrington is the No. 2 player on the Coronado High School tennis team, and he has an active music career.

In his final year as an Islander, Harrington has high expectations for himself and the team, which opened the season highly ranked.

“Both as captain and as an individual player, I just want to bring up the team and get as many Islanders’ victories as possible,” said Harrington. 

“I just want to bring up the team.”

-Ethan Harrington

Achieving this goal will require the team to remain motivated and in good spirits, according to Harrington.

The senior views it as his job as the captain to ensure the team’s morale and drive never wavers.    

Clear goals

Harrington has set some clear goals for the team, but he also has some for himself.

“I would like to take over the No. 1 spot on the team, which won’t be easy because Savo Simic is an excellent player. Even more than that, though, I want to beat some of the guys around the league that I lost to last year,” said Harrington.

Jeff Harrington, head coach and Ethan’s dad, described his players as competitive guys who want to get better not only for themselves but for the overall success of the team.

Jeff Harrington (above) is the Coronado boys tennis coach and father of Ethan, one of the top players. Staff photo by Willem Quigley.

Backed by his counterpart Simic, Harrington and the rest of the Islanders have rival matchups against Mission Bay and Scripps Ranch circled on their calendar this season.

Once that’s all said and done, there is much more to do off the tennis court, according to Harrington.

“If I get a good (recording) label deal, I will probably want to take it,” he said, though he’s applied to several colleges.

As exciting as the tennis season can be, making new music is one of the most rewarding things, according to Harrington.

“I can’t tell you how fun it is to take a song from a little tune in my head, to a home studio recording, to a professional studio recording, to filming the music video, and finally releasing a final product to the world,” Harrington said. 

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