On Wednesday, November 1, a wildlife center in Maine shared an adorable video on their social media. In the clip, the Saco River Wildlife Center places small cameras inside pumpkins to give to their raccoon patients, and it resulted in the cutest images.

The footage was posted on the center’s TikTok account, @sacoriverwildlifecenter, and has viewers cooing over the adorable autumnal display. This is truly one of the best things we’ve seen all season!


To celebrate Halloween, we decided to cut some pieces out of a pumpkin and then put a camera INSIDE to capture our raccoon patients enjoying it! Here are the results… 🎃🧡 Idea inspired by Juniper Fox 🦊 #sacoriverwildlifecenter #raccoons #halloween

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Oh my goodness, this is unbelievably precious! These animal caretakers cut a few pieces out of the pumpkins to allow the raccoons to get their hands inside and recorded what transpired. The footage revealed adorable, little raccoon hands reaching inside to grab some of the yummy pumpkin innards, as well as twitching noses and excited eyes.

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Wildlife rehab and rescue centers are essential because they provide a critical lifeline for injured, orphaned, and distressed animals. These centers serve as sanctuaries for wildlife in need, offering expert care and rehabilitation to ensure their survival and eventual return to their natural habitats. In a world marked by increasing human-wildlife conflicts and habitat destruction, these facilities play a vital role in mitigating the impact of such challenges.

Wildlife centers also contribute to the conservation of various species, as they often serve as hubs for research and education, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of biodiversity and the interconnectedness of ecosystems. Wildlife rehab and rescue centers exemplify humanity’s commitment to coexisting with and protecting our natural world.

There’s nothing better than knowing that there are selfless organizations like this that can help these sweet and precious animals in need. Luckily, they also give them amazing treats like this yummy pumpkin!

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