On Friday, September 22, a dog dad shared a very exciting announcement about his deaf therapy dog, Cole. This pup was named the ASPCA’s National Dog of the Year! Cole accompanies his dad to teach middle school music every day, and together, they teach children the importance of accepting people who may be different.

There’s no denying that Cole is one of the best boys we’ve ever seen, and this video from Cole’s TikTok account, @deafcole, makes this impossible to deny. He is so deserving of these accolades!


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Awww, Cole is such a good boy! This Pit Bull mix is able to understand and respond to sign language from his dad, and as a certified therapy dog, Cole helps students in the southern New Jersey area embrace their differences. His inspirational story provokes acts of kindness throughout his community while his visits to schools, nursing homes, and hospitals bring joy and comfort to those who need it.

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“Cole can’t hear with his ears, but he can hear with his heart,” Chris Hannah, Cole’s dad, said to CBS News Philadelphia. “It’s such an honor for a dog that was born with a disability and is now a full-time school therapy dog, amongst so many other jobs. It’s just a dream come true; it really is.”

Becoming a certified therapy dog is no easy feat, though Cole was seemingly born for the job. The certification process involves rigorous training and evaluation to ensure that a dog has the right temperament and behavior to provide emotional support and comfort to individuals in need.

Certified therapy dogs must exhibit calm and friendly behavior, be well-socialized, and respond positively to various situations and people. Certification typically involves passing a series of tests to assess a dog’s suitability for this important role, making them a trusted and valuable companion for therapy work.

He are so happy to see that Cole’s amazing contributions to his community are being recognized and honored. This dog truly is a superhero!

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