Bunnies hop, skip, and wiggle their fluffy tails, all while wearing the most adorable smiles that make the whole world a little happier. In return, bunny parents can only hope to give their fur babies the best life possible. Luckily for one rabbit mom, she recently got a lovely indication that she is succeeding.

On Saturday, September 2, TikTok user and bunny mom @bokchoyandmargo shared a video featuring her two lop bunnies. In the clip, one of her bunnies rolls over just like a dog, and it’s positively precious. This is one video that everyone can appreciate!


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Awww, this is so sweet! This little rabbit named Bok Choy rolled over just like a dog, and he was incredibly graceful about it, too! He seemed like this was just another day in the life of a part time ninja, part time bunny. Even Bok Choy’s sister, Margo, seemed impressed by her brother’s trick!

There are several reasons Bok Choy may have decided to roll over. The most likely reason is that when a rabbit is happy and excited, they may do a joyful hop or roll over on their side. This bunny behavior is often called a “binky” or a “joyful flop.” It’s a sign that the rabbit is feeling content, playful, and comfortable in its environment.

Based on the fact that Bok Choy was enjoying quality time with his sister and mom while sniffing around on the carpet, it’s easy to assume his decision to roll over came from a place of contentment. Who wouldn’t be happy in this moment?

People in the comments aren’t quite convinced Bok Choy meant to roll all the way over. “He flopped too hard and ended back upright,” said TikTok user @cathysboots.

Since bunnies flop when they are happy, one can presume that Bok Choy was in such a good mood that the vigor with which he flopped with propelled to accidentally roll all the way over. We know all rabbit parents would love to see their own bunnies do this, too!

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