Babies of any species are undoubtably some of the cutest things to grace this planet. Their sweet, innocent faces are just irresistible, and people can’t help but feel happier when they see a baby. This is why one woman’s business venture is perfect for animal-loving parents.

On Wednesday, August 16, TikTok user and photographer @rissaslittlemoos shared a post with a video clip from a recent photoshoot. In the clip, a newborn baby lays on a blanket in the grass, fast asleep while cuddled against his friend: a baby cow! The footage is so dreamy.


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Oh my goodness this is too sweet! This newborn baby was so relaxed while resting in the warm embrace of his cow friend, and the cow seemed more than happy to provide a nook for the baby to lay in. We must say, pictures from this photoshoot might be the cutest and most epic baby pictures ever!

This TikTok user has built quite the business here. This woman has a farm with an assortment of animals that she rescues, including many baby cows. So, as a photographer, she offers the opportunity to book baby photoshoots with her calves, producing some very unique and extraordinarily cute baby pictures. We’re quite jealous that we don’t have pictures like this for our kids!

Cows are renowned for their gentle and friendly nature, so the calm demeanor of this calf is unsurprising. These docile creatures have a calm disposition and a natural curiosity that endears them to humans and other animals alike. They are often seen grazing peacefully in pastures, their large, expressive eyes reflecting their gentle spirit. Cows are known to form strong bonds with their herdmates and even with their human caretakers when treated with kindness. Their warm and sociable personalities make them wonderful companions on farms, or wonderful photoshoot subjects!

This video is certainly going to inspire more people to include baby animals in their children’s baby pictures. We can’t wait to see the influx of photos from this up and coming trend!

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