The world is full of super fascinating creatures that don’t look like they should be real, and a walrus is one of them. However, for most of us to see a walrus we often have to visit a zoo—but that’s not the case if you live in Alaska, apparently.

On August 6, Sky News (@skynews) shared a news story on TikTok of a lost baby walrus that was found, and the beautiful way he was cared for at the Alaska SeaLife Centre in Seward, Alaska. Take a look!


👶 🍼 Watch as lost #walrus #calf gets ”round-the-clock cuddling’ during recovery. The video released by #Alaska #SeaLife Centre shows the young walrus being caressed and bottle-fed by doting staff.

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“A walrus calf is being nursed back to health after being found alone by oil field workers in Alaska,” the text on the 2-minute-long video read.

“The calf was flown across the state to the Alaska SeaLife Centre,” the video continued. “The staff at the centre are ‘cuddling’ the animal to help keep him calm during his recovery.”

The staff were amazing with the sweet walrus who seemed to take a liking to cuddle with the human staff. First we saw them giving immediate medical attention to the walrus who was likely dehydrated. From there, they bottle fed the baby and then took time to have some cuddles with the walrus who really seemed to need that.

“Watch as lost #walrus #calf gets ”round-the-clock #cuddling’ during recovery,” the caption on the video reads. “The video released by #Alaska #SeaLife Centre shows the young walrus being caressed and bottle-fed by doting staff.”

People in the comment section praised the center for giving such good care to the baby, and shared their surprise for what a baby walrus was like.

“He’s the most beautiful giant baked potato I ever did see,” one viewer shared.

“Are y’all hiring seal cuddlers?! I’ll work for free,” one person wrote.

“I definitely got into the wrong job field,” quipped another.

“Look at those baby bristles on its snoot,” one viewer wrote.

“I legit never realized walruses had fluff! I always thought they were more whale like with smooth skin not fuzzy!” added someone else.

“Sweet baby! Thank you for taking care of these beautiful animals!” someone else wrote.

According to National Geographic Kids, baby walruses, called calves, are really big when they’re born.

“These chunky critters, known as calves, can weigh up to 75kg at birth,” the publication states, “that’s the same weight as some adult humans!”

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