PAWS of Coronado and San Diego Humane Society is a good place to look for pets lost after getting scared from July 4. Photo courtesy of SDHS.

Amidst the Fourth of July celebrations, pets often get frightened by the loud noises and large gatherings of the holiday, causing an increase of lost pets at San Diego Humane Society and PAWS of Coronado. 

Any pet owner in Coronado who might lose a dog or cat over the holiday can check with PAWS of Coronado and SDHS Lost and Found to reunite with their beloved pets.

It’s no surprise that a day of fireworks, outdoor gatherings, and loud parties in every direction causes an increase in lost pets every year, the organizations said.

The San Diego Humane Society reports surges of lost dogs and cats in the days following the Fourth of July, and reunification is not always easy.

Senior Manager of Fund Development of PAWS Coronado Jennifer Stein says they also see an annual rise of lost pets after the fourth. 

Not only fireworks that spooks pets

While loud noises and bright lights in the sky can be reason enough for pets to get spooked, Stein says that fireworks are not the only reason pets get lost on the holiday. 

“It’s due to gatherings like backyard barbecues…you forget to close the fence back and the dog gets out and you leave your house to go watch the fireworks, things like that happen too,” she said.

Before all the celebrations start, the best thing to do first is prepare your space and your pets for the loud festivities. 

Double check outdoor space

Stein echoes the helpful tips that PAWS of Coronado posted to their Facebook on June 27. 

“Double check your outdoor space if you’re hosting an event to make sure your dog or cat doesn’t accidentally escape.” 

Other tips include creating a comfortable and safe indoor space for your pet to remain while you and your friends or family are out enjoying the parties and fireworks, keeping windows, doors, and even blinds closed to minimize the noise and lights. 

Many people might rely on collars and tags for dogs and cats, but Jordan Frey from SDHS says they sometimes fall off or get caught on something in these situations.

Microchipping dogs and cats

“The best tool we can use are microchips,” Frey said.

Both Stein and Frey emphasize the benefits and accessibility of microchipping dogs and cats.

Both SDHS and PAWS offer microchipping on the days leading up to the Fourth of July, with PAWS being available over weekends. 

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