It’s wild to think that there are some bizarre-looking animals on the planet. Many of them look like something straight out of a toddler’s imagination–and the giraffe is one of them.

On TikTok, the San Diego Zoo treated viewers with a close-up look at the giraffes they’re taking care of. And shared some really cool fun facts about these majestic animals — take a look!


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In the 16-second video, we get close to a few of the giraffe residents and learn something new, too. “Three things you don’t know about giraffes,” the text on the screen reads.

And the zoo was correct in assuming we wouldn’t know these things because they’re obscure facts.

The first: “Wild giraffes chew on bones to absorb minerals,” the text on the screen reads as we look up at a giraffe who is busy chewing away.

The second fact: “Giraffes only need about 30min of sleep a day, “the fact flashes on the video showing an adorable baby giraffe. It’s hard to imagine how we might fair if we were only getting half an hour of sleep a night.

The third and final fact in the TikTok video comes as we get a close-up look at a giraffe’s face. “A giraffe’s eyes are the size of golf balls,” the text reads.

The zoo shared the video with the caption, “Where the giraffe experts at,” and people in the comments reacted to the new facts precisely as we would expect — with surprise!

“30 minutes?! So much time for activities,” one person wrote.

“They don’t sleep and eat bones, if the giraffes rise up, we’re done,” another joked.

Another TikTok viewer asked how the giraffes get the bones, and the zoo answered: “Usually the remains of other animals. They love a good skeleton.”

And other people left their fun facts about giraffes for others to enjoy.

“I like the fun fact that a Giraffe kick can decapitate an adult male lion,” one person wrote.

“They have blue tongues!! That was my fav fact as a child,” someone else shared.

“And even though they have very long necks, they still only have 7 neck vertebrae, the same as us humans,” added another.

According to the San Diego Zoo’s website, giraffes can live for 15 to 20 years, and males can grow to be around 18 feet long and weigh up to 3,000 pounds.

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