Get ready to grab your virtual saddle because this horseback rider (@gigja.einars) just took us on a magical midnight horse ride in Iceland, where the land of fire and ice transforms into a stunning twilight paradise. 

As the clock strikes midnight, the landscape shows viewers an amazing glow and a lone rider who goes on a horseback adventure through the Icelandic wilderness.


When I thought my midnight ride wouldn’t get any better🌅 Then they appeared🤍 -Iceland experiences the midnight sun during its summer months due to its high latitude. It’s a fascinating natural phenomenon, just like the northern lights🌄 The horses in the video are not wild, they just roam on a very large area🐴 #icelandichorse #iceland #midnightsun #horses #horselover #horseriding #horselife #horselove #horseadventure #horsemoment #foryou

♬ Paradise (Originally performed by Coldplay) – Instrumental Version – StudiOke

We’re then transported into a scene that feels like a dream. This rider and her horse navigating the Icelandic landscape under the light of the midnight sun. It’s very much a magical journey where day and night get blurred. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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But this equine-themed enchantment doesn’t stop there. She then comes across a herd of wild horses, and here’s where the true magic unfolds. These wild horses approach her and her horse with a curiosity only seen in movies. 

If you didn’t know, these majestic creatures roam freely across the rugged Icelandic terrain. With their iconic manes flowing in the wind and hooves that represent the magic of the land, Icelandic wild horses are living proof of the untamed beauty of their homeland.

In addition, coming across these wild horses during a midnight ride isn’t just a chance meeting, but it’s a moment of connection that moves above the boundaries of language. It’s as if the horses, with their timeless wisdom, understand the shared kinship between those who ride beneath the midnight sun.

This isn’t just a visual treat for the eyes— it’s also a glimpse into the best things about humanity, where the magic of a midnight horse ride becomes a showcase of Icelandic landscapes and the wild and free spirits that call it home. Cheers to this rider and the wild horses, creating moments of enchantment under the eternal glow of the midnight sun.

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