On Wednesday, October 4, the head of an animal sanctuary shared a video of a malnourished and scared horse named Blue Blast, or BB for short. In the clip, her rescuers tell story of her tumultuous  journey to finding love and safety at Rancho Relaxo.

The touching footage of this journey was posted on the sanctuary owner’s TikTok account, @boochaces, and the happy ending has people over the moon. It’s impossible to avoid smiling at the end of this video!


Wlecome home, BB. We love toy. Safe forever. This is what we do here at Rancho Relaxo!!!! #fortheanimals #animallover #farmsanctuary #horses

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Oh my goodness, this is absolutely incredible! BB had been found neglected and living alone among the bones of previous animals that did not survive. Rancho Relaxo decided to take her to their sanctuary and put her in protective custody to prevent her abuser from finding and claiming her until recently, when they received confirmation that BB could stay at Rancho Relaxo forever.

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Since arriving at the sanctuary, BB has seen a veterinarian and a dentist, gained over 100 pounds to put her at a healthy weight, and received many pedicures. She even has a herd for the first time in years, an essential experience for a social species like horses. Rancho Relaxo is doing everything they can to help BB heal from her trauma.

BB’s living conditions prior to her rescue indicate a need for stricter animal cruelty laws. These laws not only deter individuals from committing acts of cruelty but also send a powerful message that society values and prioritizes the well-being of animals. By holding perpetrators accountable and imposing meaningful consequences, stricter animal cruelty laws play a crucial role in promoting empathy, compassion, and a more humane society where animals can live free from unnecessary suffering and abuse.

People in the comments are amazed at this beautiful horse’s transformation and are sure to praise Rancho Relaxo for their incredible work. “Thank you for saving her! She’s a new horse, glowing with happiness!” said TikTok user @cherylkharrazi.

There’s nothing we love more than a rehabilitation story with a happy ending like BB’s story. It’s clear that she is in great hands now!

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