Animals today are more spoiled than ever. Not only do they eat the best food, but many sleep in our beds. Our worlds often revolve around their very existence. At least that’s how it is in my house.

Some dogs even get to help their parents work. Just like this little man, who never leaves his mom’s side.

Check out this charming guy’s weekday routine in a video shared on October 19:


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♬ original sound – Ambrose the Chihuahua

Having a happy dog makes getting up so much easier to do. When this joyful fella wakes up in mom’s bed, TikTok user @ambrosethechi lets him know when it’s time to get moving. When she does, he can’t contain his excitement and begins spinning in circles.

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Then it’s time for breakfast. She serves his meal in a food dispensing egg, to prevent him from eating too fast, and to help keep him engaged. Then it’s time for a walk. His little legs can barely get to the grass fast enough.

When they return home, it’s time to snuggle before Mom begins work. When she gets dressed, he sits on the back of the couch, observing. Then he gets his teeth brushed too. Thankfully, she works from home, so he helps her work for a bit to get her day started. This doesn’t last long, and he soon starts playing with all his toys. He really enjoys doing this during her meetings because he needs to be the center of attention. Ha! Pet parents everywhere can relate.

After all the morning activity, he’s ready for a nap. When lunch comes, it’s time to spin with joy and then take another trip outside. Although he’d like to play all afternoon, he needs to wait until she finishes. Then he’ll enjoy one more meal, and do a little training. Finally, they’ll spend the evening snuggled together on the couch. After his last walk of the evening, he’ll tuck himself into bed while waiting for Mom to join him. That doesn’t sound bad at all!

This sweet boy has a pretty good life, and it’s one all dogs deserve.

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