On Saturday, September 30, a young woman shared a hilarious video she had taken while on a drive-thru safari with her grandmother at Tennessee Safari Park. In the clip, the older woman attempts to feed an ostrich, but a hungry camel had other ideas.

The post was shared by TikTok user @gracievorgitch and people can’t get enough of this crazy video. This isn’t a tale to miss out on!


gramma had the best time at the drive in zoo ❤️ #fyp

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Oh my goodness, what a crazy experience! Attendees have the option to purchase feed buckets in order to interact with the animals, so when this woman rolled down her window to feed an ostrich, a very hungry camel swooped in and dove headfirst into the feed. Even when the grandmother tried to pull away, the camel gently nibbled on her arm. What an incredible experience!

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Drive-thru zoos like Tennessee Safari Park offer a unique and convenient way for visitors to experience wildlife from the comfort of their own vehicles. Unlike traditional zoos, where you walk from enclosure to enclosure, drive-thru zoos allow you to observe animals in more natural, spacious habitats while remaining in your car.

This immersive experience has gained popularity because it offers a safe and enjoyable way to connect with wildlife. This firsthand experience not only enhances our understanding of the environment but also promotes conservation efforts as people become more invested in preserving these precious habitats and the creatures that call them home.

Additionally, spending time with wildlife can have therapeutic effects, reducing stress and promoting mental well-being, as the beauty and tranquility of nature provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Not only are we are just dying over this intrusive camel and startled grandmother, but it’s amazing to see opportunities to interact with wildlife up close. This is an experience we are going to have to try some day!

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