The world is full of all sorts of animals, and there is so much we’re still learning about each of them. For example, did you know that owls are playful?

On October 12, TikTok user Matthew Gutt Photography (@matthew_gutt_photography) shared a video featuring a trio of owls where we learned owls are really playful. Take a look!


Silly great gray owls playing games. #bestbirds #owlloversoftiktok #funnyanimalsvids #wildlifephotographer #yellowstonenationalpark #foryoupagе

♬ A Gentle Sunlight – James Quinn

In the video, which is only ten seconds long, we can see three big gray owls sitting on a tree branch at Yellowstone National Park. These birds are really interesting to look at. They seem very otherworldy with their flat faces and big tail feathers.

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And it really looks like these three are the best of friends. Sitting together on the tree branch, the owls start to play together. Of course, we can’t tell what they’re playing since they’re owls, but there is something about what they’re doing that reminds us of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

One of the three owls seems to be minding their own business, but the other two are playing some sort of game where they’re tapping each other’s talons. The video makes them look really adorable, and we’ve never really seen them like this before.

“Silly great gray owls playing games,” the caption of the video reads. The video is set to the song “A Gentle Sunlight” by James Quinn.

Judging by the comments, people really love the video, too, because these owls look like they’re having a lovely, playful time together.

“Best game of ‘got your nose’ ever!” one person wrote.

“Hoo started this?” someone else asked, being hilariously cheeky.

“Must be siblings,” another person wrote.

“I need an hour of just this,” shared another TikTok viewer.

According to Travelling Birder, owls are really smart, wise, and funny!

“Owls can be quite playful, and it is not uncommon for them to engage in activities such as chasing each other or playing with toys,” the site explains.

“They even enjoy games like tug-of-war! This playfulness is often exhibited through their vocalizations, as they will imitate the calls of their peers or mimic sounds from their surroundings.”

These three really do know how to have fun.

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