There are some dogs that blow us away with their incredible talent, and a sweet dog named Aston is one of them.

On October 9, TikTok user Aston the DeafBlind TrickDog (@atouchofaston) shared a video of the pup showing off his incredible communication skills. Take a look.


Aston continues to amaze me with his button communication. Deafblind dogs are capable of more than you could ever imagine. . Video Description: Aston, a white and tan dog, presses large colorful buttons with textures on top. He says “water” then “Dax” then “water” again. Then Aston and Dax, a blue heeler mix, drink water from the same bowl at the same time. #DeafBlindDog #TalkingDog #TalkingPets #ButtonCommunication #DeafDogsRock #BlindDogsSeeWithTheirHearts #DoubleMerle #ATouchOfAston #HungerForWords

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In the video, which is just under a minute long, we meet Aston, a dog who is smashing through expectations.

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“Aston is deaf and blind, and he uses his textured buttons to communicate with me,” Aston’s mom shares in the video. “He just pressed his water button, but I don’t respond right away because it looks like he’s still thinking.”

Aston’s mom explains in the video that when he pressed the “Dax” button for his brother, Dax came into the room.

“So Aston’s walking over and smells that Dax entered the room,” she notes. “And then he goes back over to his buttons.”

Dax then pressed the water button, which she took to mean Aston wanted to drink water with Dax.

“We had just come inside from the backyard a few minutes ago. And I did refill Aston’s water. And I offered it to him, but he didn’t drink any,” she tells the audience.

“You wanna drink with your brother?” she asked the pup.

“I realized that Aston and Dax usually drink the fresh water together,” she continued. “And Aston was waiting for his brother.”

In the caption of the video, Aston’s mom writes, “Aston continues to amaze me with his button communication. Deafblind dogs are capable of more than you could ever imagine.”

In the comment section,  people also offered praise to Ashton.

“I almost think he can kinda see and kinda hear,” one person joked. “He looks right at you, who knows. he’s precious, though, both are.”

“I have 2 dogs, and if we go to feed 1 without the other, she won’t eat and will not eat until my other dog eats,” someone else shared.

“We don’t deserve animals; he’s so precious,” added another.

“Animals are so smart we do not deserve them,” another viewer shared.

According to Briar Gate Vets, it’s not impossible to teach dogs who are Deafblind. “Start your training sessions with a handful of high-reward, tasty treats. Keep your training sessions short and fun so your dog’s interest is always piqued,” they suggest.

“You can use any kind of hand or touch signal you want, just be consistent. Always set your dog up for success and celebrate victories, no matter how small.”

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