When we have to be away from our pets for any timeframe, it’s understandable that we miss them. The same happens the other way around, too. And there’s a bird that proves this.

On October 16, TikTok user Betty Madden (@birdprozac) shared a video of how their Cockatoo reacts when their favorite human comes home from college and they’re reunited again. Take a look.


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It’s a nice feeling to know that when we’re not around, there is someone who notices and feels our absence. For one family, their Cockatoo probably had too many feelings when their human person went off to college and had to leave her behind.

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In the video, which lasts just over 90 seconds, we can hear Betty call for her bird. “Molly,” she shouted, and you can hear the sweet bird answer back right away.

The two chat from a distance for a while, with mom saying “Hi” and Molly answering back.

“Her favorite human is home from college,” the text on the screen shares.

Then the video switches to a clip of Molly seeing her favorite human in person after he came home from college.

He goes in to give her a hug, and she’s screaming in bird every time he goes in to give her a big hug. It’s ridiculously cute to see how excited she is that he’s home and able to give her hugs and kisses.

“Who else has a big smile on their face?” someone asked.

“You just calling her name, and her answering makes me so happy,” one fan admitted.

“Thank you for sharing Molly with everyone, she is awesome!” wrote someone else.

“She loves him soooooooo much,” added another viewer.

“That is so sweet, such a happy birdy,” another shared.

According to The Happy Chicken Coop, Cockatoos “have been kept as pets for centuries, and their popularity is only increasing.” It makes sense, too, since their temperament makes them a very good pet.

“Cockatoos are intelligent birds that are known for their playful personalities. They are also very social creatures, often forming close bonds with their human caregivers,” the website explains.

“Cockatoos are curious by nature and love to explore their surroundings. They are also very vocal birds, often making a variety of loud noises.”

We’re happy that Molly is happy!

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