For most, mornings start with the familiar and comforting routine of coffee, maybe watching some news on the TV, and maybe snuggling with your cat or dog.

However, in one captivating video from @arcticfoxdaily posted earlier this month, a woman’s morning routine is unlike anything you’d expect. With her coffee mug in hand, she begins her day with a duo of adorable foxes, followed by a loving pack of wolf dogs. This is like a dream come true!


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Starting with the foxes, she carefully pets them, careful to avoid overstimulating the playful and sometimes nippy creatures. It shows the deep bond she shares with them— understanding and managing their wilder instincts while allowing them to express their natural behaviors. Pet foxes, while increasingly popular as pets, still keep much of their wild instincts, and it takes an experienced hand to take care of them.

This wholesome scene then transitions to her wolf dogs. This pack’s sheer size and energy could easily be overwhelming for those who aren’t used to these animals. Yet, as they crowd around her, their tails wagging, it’s evident that their relationship is built on trust and respect. Wolf dogs, a hybrid between wolves and domestic dogs, possess characteristics of both.

With the right training, socialization, and environment, animals like these can form incredibly deep bonds with their human caregivers. This video shows the unconventional, yet amazing connections that can be formed with exotic pets.

However, caring for creatures like foxes and wolf dogs demands patience, understanding, and an appreciation for the wild essence that these animals have.

For those of us watching, it’s an amazing insight into what life can be like when it’s shared with some of nature’s most intriguing creatures. While not everyone may have the knowledge or environment to care for such animals, seeing the deep bond between them and their human offers a touching reminder of the diverse ways love can appear in our lives.

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