One of TikTok’s latest viral sensations offers viewers more than just causal entertainment— it gives us an amazing glimpse into the emotional intelligence of horses.

This video from @thoseweirdhorsegirls posted on Sunday, September 17th centers on Silver, a newly rescued horse who, upon arrival at her new home, displays clear signs of anxiety and unease. However, the hero of the story is Thunder, a mini horse, who remarkably understands Silver’s distress and steps in to help.


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Often when animals are re-homed, especially rescues who may have traumatic backgrounds, it’s not uncommon for them to show unease or sometimes fear. Silver’s nervousness around her new surroundings and fellow animals shows her daunting challenge. Yet, this mini horse’s patience and kindness shine brightly in the clip.

Horses are incredibly emotionally intelligent creatures. They possess a profound ability to react to the emotional states of fellow horses and even humans. In addition, this emotional sensitivity is also deeply rooted in their evolutionary history. Being herd animals, horses also rely on social bonds for survival. Detecting distress or discomfort within the herd and responding to it is, in many ways, hardwired into their natural roots.

Additionally, Thunder’s guidance around the property is also incredible. He’s giving Silver both the space and companionship she needs. This mini horse seemed to grasp Silver’s emotional state and responded with amazing patience, helping her get used to her new environment.

By the end of the video, viewers are updated that Silver has officially settled into her new home beautifully, a transformation credited largely to Thunder’s compassionate intervention. This heartwarming TikTok shows the emotional depth and empathy horses are capable of.

In a world that often moves at intense speeds, Silver and Thunder’s story gives us a touching testament to the power of patience, understanding, and genuine connection, urging us all to take a leaf out of Thunder’s book.

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