Dogs are well known as one of the friendliest animals. These domesticated descendants of wolves have easily found a place as beloved members of families across the globe. One woman’s recent video of her dog is showing why we love dogs so much.

TikTok user @spishley shared a video of her sweet chocolate Labrador, Pebbles, interacting with a new friend: a parakeet from Craigslist. In the post, their mom includes several clips of the new duo interacting, and don’t think we’ve ever seen anything so sweet.


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Oh my goodness, this is positively precious! Pebbles was very intrigued by his new avian friend, and the bird was more than happy to flutter around Pebbles and even sat on his back. The constant tail wagging and look on awe on Pebbles’ face makes it clear that he is infatuated with his new friend!

Labrador Retrievers like Pebbles are renowned for their friendly and sociable nature, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the breed that he quickly won the affections of this parakeet. Their warm and gentle temperament makes them incredibly approachable and amiable companions, which Pebbles puts to good use in his work as a certified therapy dog.

Not only are Labradors affectionate and loving with their human families, but they also have a remarkable ability to forge friendships with a diverse range of animals. Whether it’s a fellow canine, a feline friend, or even smaller creatures like birds and squirrels, Labradors often display a natural affinity for making connections. Their outgoing and adaptable personalities enable them to foster bonds with different species, showcasing their remarkable capacity for harmonious coexistence and making them some of the most beloved pets in the world.

Pebbles is such a lovable pup, we can’t blame the parakeet for falling for for his suave and charm. It’s clear they’ve forge a quick bond that’ll last a lifetime!

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