When we see an animal we love really bond with one of our kids, it’s a special moment. We know animals have deep feelings, but we still get all the feels when we see it — like this little girl and a giant horse.

On August 15, TikTok user Hannah Grace NZ (@hannahgracenz) shared a video of a little baby girl and her best friend, a horse, and the sweet bond these two have. Take a look!


These two melt my heart 🥺 #bestfriend #loveofmylife #horses #horsesoftiktok #babygirl

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In a video that only lasts 10 seconds, we see the beautiful bond a little toddler and a full grown horse have with each other. They seem like an unlikely pair, but it becomes really clear that these two are the best of friends.

In the video clip a sweet little girl is dressed for the weather in a blue Cookie Monster hat, blue coat, and rubber boots. Next to her is a gorgeous horse named Ice who is also wearing his cold weather jacket.

Right away you notice the huge size difference between the two. It can be intimidating to see this giant horse but he makes it clear very quickly that he’s a gentle giant.

Greeting the horse, the sweet animal nuzzles his head down to the young kiddo, giving her a gentle rub with his head.

“Ice loves me,” the text on the video reads.

And she immediately rests her body on his head, giving a really cute hug.

“These two melt my heart,” the video’s caption reads.

In the comment section, the bond between these two became the center focus.

“It’s like they just know that it’s a baby and that they need to be gentle,” one person noticed.

“This is so beautiful ice does love you little angel,” wrote one viewer.

“The most beautiful and clever animals,” another shared.

“What a gentle soul,” someone else wrote.

According to Strathorn Farm Stables and Riding, horses, while giant animals, have the most beautiful hearts.

“Horses are also known for being extremely gentle creatures. They rarely attack anyone or any other animals, and they usually try their best to avoid fighting,” the publication notes. “In fact, horses are often used as therapy animals because they are such calm, comforting creatures.”

These two are so lucky to have each other!

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