Week one was not kind to the Los Angeles Chargers as the team dropped its first game to the Miami Dolphins, 36-34. To make the loss feel worse, the Chargers did something that hasn’t been done in 23 years.

The Bolts became the first team since 2000 to rush for 200 yards, allowed fewer than 100 rushing yards, did not turn the ball over, and won the turnover margin by at least and still lose.

Before Sunday, teams were 110-0 when checking off all these boxes.

The past eight months have not been kind to Chargers fans. This was the team’s first game since its devastating loss to the Jaguars in last year’s playoffs.

In that game, the Bolts led 27-7 at halftime and looked like they would easily roll into the divisional round.

Those dreams were quickly shot down as Trevor Lawrence and the Jags turned the game around and came on top 31-30.

The Chargers wasted great games from Austin Ekeler and Justin Herbert en route to its devastating loss to the Dolphins.

Ekeler had over 160 total yards, including 117 on the ground and a touchdown. Herbert threw for over 220 yards and a touchdown and also scored with his feet as well.

Unfortunately for the team’s offense, the defense could not shut down the duo of Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill.

Tagovailoa put up 446 yards in the air and three touchdowns. Hill contributed to 215 of those yards and two of those touchdowns.

In week one, every team is trying to figure itself out. The Chargers now know what they need to work on.

Despite making history the wrong way, the team knows what it needs to do to pull out a week two win against the Titans.

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