There are some people who just seem to have a way with animals that makes them stand out. The fictional Doctor Dolittle is one of them, and so is a guy named Wayne who calls himself “the Human Natural Horseman.”

On August 9, TikTok user Wayne Natural Horseman (@yumanaturalhorseman) shared a video that holds the best secret for anyone who wants to emulate Dr. Dolittle — take a look!


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Wayne has been working with horses as a trainer for more than 20 years, according to his social media bio, and he’s got the sweetest tip on how to grow a bond with a horse.

“You know, if you’ve got a horse and you really want to get a relationship going with him, you know what?” Wayne said in his video which lasted over three minutes. “Grab a book and a chair and walk into his world. Sit in his pen or in his pasture.”

And from there, Wayne said to “just totally ignore” the horse. “See if you can get him to come to you. And when he does, you know, kind of reward him.”

Wayne likes to feed his horse carrots as a treat, and he says this method of just chilling with the horse and giving it a treat when he comes near.

“And this is how you build your relationship,” he said. “And then when you start to play the games with them, he’s gonna be a whole lot more responsive, cause you’re gonna say, ‘hey, that’s my buddy.’”

After sharing his tip, people took to the comment section to give thanks to Wayne for sharing his secret.

“This is the best content on my TikTok now,” one person wrote.

“I like sitting with mine in his field sometimes. He’s always got to graze the grass I’ve chosen to sit on,” another person added.

“I can listen to you all day. Soulful spirit you are,” wrote another.

“You two just spoke straight to my heart. love sitting in the field with my horse,” shared someone else.

“This is amazing and more people need to be told this and that riding about a good relationship,” explained another.

According to Horse Rookie, bonding with your horse helps you get that mutual trust which is important for working together. There are some other ways to bond, too, including playing games, bath time, grooming and petting, and like Wayne says, hanging out and talking.

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