On hot summer days, it can feel like there is no reprieve from the heat. Most people know just how important it is to stay cool by taking a load off and relaxing by the pool with a delicious snack.

The Wildcat Sanctuary certainly does. On Thursday, July 27, they shared a video of their tiger, Dash, having an exciting day. In the clip on their TikTok, @wildcatsanctuary, this playful cat is having the best time playing with a frozen watermelon. We can’t get enough!


Dash the Destroyer takes down yet another frozen watermelon! 🍉🐅 Today, we celebrated our Fill the Freezer campaign and Tammy’s birthday with Dash the tiger! As you can see, he had an absolute blast 😸. Want to help 🍗 Fill the Freezer 🍗? Visit bit.ly/TWSDonate

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Awww, Dash is too cute! This silly tiger was playing with the frozen watermelon like it was the best ball he’s ever seen. Once he cracked that fruit open, though, he wasted no time feasting on this delicious, frozen treat. We’re glad he had something refreshing to cool him down on a hot, summer day!

Watermelon is a common treat given to tigers and other large carnivores at zoos and wildlife rescues. These animals are apex predators in the wild, and they have evolved to hunt and solve challenges for their food. In captivity, where their hunting instincts are not fully utilized, providing them with novel and stimulating activities, like interacting with and consuming frozen treats, helps prevent boredom and provides mental stimulation.

Additionally, when frozen, treats like watermelons can help animals stay cool in warmer weather. Chewing on frozen items can help lower an animal’s body temperature and provide relief from heat. By encouraging tigers to interact with and consume frozen watermelons, zoos provide a dual benefit of helping the animals manage their body temperature while also engaging their senses and promoting mental stimulation.

It’s always wonderful to see rescued animals having a good time and living their best lives in sanctuaries. It certainly seems like Dash is having a good time at The Wildcat Sanctuary!

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