It’s not uncommon to see a happy pooch with their head hanging out the window of their parent’s car. Just like us, they enjoy the feel of the cool breeze blowing through their hair. Apparently, even horses enjoy this too.

This isn’t a sight you see every day. In a video dated August 7, TikTok creator @awkwardlyamanda13 shows us what she saw when driving on a Florida highway.


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This is just too cute! She’s driving along the highway when she sees what appears to be a dog hanging its head out of a truck. Initially, when we saw the beautiful long blonde hair whirling in the wind, we thought it could even be a child, but as she gets closer, we can know it’s not. It’s a tiny little horse riding along in the family pickup truck. We might’ve driven off the road after seeing this! At the very least, we might’ve feared we were having a medical emergency. Who knew they could fit into the cab? The story became even more interesting when a viewer claimed that the Shetland pony named Rusty belonged to her sister. She even uploaded a video of him after he arrived at his new home on the farm. It truly is a small, small world. We hope we get to pass him on the road one day too.

This long-haired passenger did not surprise the audience members. Viewer @Rinkydinkydo said, “Love transporting miniature ponies this way!” We did not know this was possible. Viewer @keepitreal981 responded, “That’s all I needed to see! So you’re saying my little dude fits inside the cab? Oh, we are going places now.” We bet he’ll love it too. Viewer @brittanylgrimes said, “I want to say this is a wife who didn’t want to alarm the husband of her purchase by hooking up the trailer.” Ha! That might be true. Many others commented on his beautiful Rapunzel-like hair. We must admit, we were also a tad jealous of his golden locks.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tiny pony, now you know don’t need a trailer to bring him home. You can even have him join you on your next road trip, too.

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