There are many delightful aspects to living in Florida. Stunning beaches, tropical breezes, and sunshine for days can make it a beautiful place to reside. Nonetheless, there’s a downside to this paradise that’s not so appealing.

In a video posted on August 4th, TikTok user @weatherchannel shows us one of those instances. It’s not one anyone ever wants to encounter.


This fence is no match for this mama known to locals as “Matilda.” #TheWeatherChannel #fyp #alligator #wildlife #Florida #animals

♬ original sound – The Weather Channel

As a northern transplant in the sunshine state, this unlocks a new fear inside of me. I’ve heard stories about gators who can easily make their way through a sturdy metal fence, but until I saw it, I could make myself believe it was only a tale. Clearly, it’s not. In this video, they tell us this gator, known to locals as Matilda, was pushing her way through this homeowner’s fence to get to her eggs. She seems to push the metal bars with ease as she finagles her way right through, after briefly appearing to be stuck. Even if she wasn’t able to push her way through, she would’ve been easily able to scale the fence and go over it. Like any wonderful mom, she just wants to keep her children protected. Which is completely understandable. However, when it’s in your backyard, it becomes much more difficult to comprehend.

This homeowner is apparently a hardened Floridian, as he videotapes from a distance that would not make us feel safe. These prehistoric animals can run as fast as 35 mph on land, and there would be no escaping her if she decided to charge. Even Usain Bolt wouldn’t be able to outrun this powerful animal! In the water, these creatures are equally fast, swimming at a rate of 20 mph. Nope, we never want to encounter one there either. Thankfully, they tell us they safely relocated this mom and her eggs to another area. This is great news because mama alligators stay with their young for almost 2 years, and no one wants to have a whole family of gators living in their own backyard!

This is an encounter I hope to never face. If I do, I will videotape it from inside our home while contacting the realtor.

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