One part of being an animal lover is taking the time and energy to do something kind for all of the animals we come across. One woman knows the feeling, and she is sharing the way she helps out the furry friends in her yard.

TikTok user @nutsaboutsquirrels goes by the name “Squirrel Lady” online, and she recently shared a video in which she shows us how she sets up her porch for the local squirrels. The set up is so impressive that it’s simply too good to miss!


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Awww, this is so awesome! She set up a small fan and a large tub of fresh water to help cool the critters down during the hot summer months. She also left out an assortment of yummy food, such as fruits, seeds, and nuts all over the porch so they would have plenty to eat while relaxing. She’s so generous for taking the time to do this for the local squirrels!

In addition to what the Squirrel Lady has set up on her porch, there are a few additional ways you can help the local wildlife beat the heat. Creating small habitats by planting native trees, shrubs, and flowers can provide shade and shelter for animals seeking refuge from the heat. However, it is crucial to avoid using pesticides or harmful chemicals in your gardens to ensure the well-being of insects and other small creatures that serve as a vital part of the food chain. Additionally, raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and encouraging others to take similar steps can have a lasting impact on the overall protection of our natural environment.

People in the comments are glad to have a chance to watch this user’s many squirrel videos. “Love your videos. I had to move away recently from the squirrels I had fed for years. This is joyful interaction. Thanks!” said TikTok user @mimiconrad.

We are so pleased to know that the squirrels in this woman’s neighborhood are well taken care of. Hopefully she inspires others to do the same for their local wild animals!

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