Joe Bourne will perform at the Coronado Public Library Summer Festival on Aug. 25. Photo courtesy of the Coronado Public Library.

Employees at the Coronado Public Library work hard to make reading a magical and engaging experience for people of all ages, and the 54th annual Summer Festival is an important part of that effort. 

Since 1969, the Coronado Public Library has organized a summer-long spread of events crafted for adults who enjoy the season just as much as children.  

“Adults don’t get a summer break, so you could argue we need fun as much as the kids.”

-Ivy Weston, Coronado’s Senior Librarian for Programs, Outreach and Marketing.

“Adults don’t get a summer break, so you could argue we need fun as much as the kids,” said Ivy Weston, Coronado’s Senior Librarian for Programs, Outreach and Marketing.

Festival runs June 7 to August 25

This year’s Summer Festival kicks off  June 7, with a forum featuring the film “Sita Sings the Blues.”

Before its last event on August 25, the Festival will be the backdrop for a diverse offering of programs. 

Weston says that attendees will have the chance to enjoy  “concerts, author appearances, films, theater performances, lectures, creative workshops, and even three sessions of ‘drop everything and read,’ where community members can join us in Library Park for some good old fashioned silent sustained reading.” 

Weston explains that the Festival’s concerts are historically popular and she anticipates this year’s performances will be no different. 

The Gold Line Quartet will perform at 1 p.m. on June 16 in the Winn Room at The Coronado Public Library. Photo courtesy of the Coronado Public Library.

Beginning with the Gold Line Quartet on the afternoon of June 16, musical performances will be held every other Friday at 1 p.m. through the Festival’s end. 

The rest of the time will be punctuated by fun and unique events, including an introduction to book making and a fermentation workshop.

The events are funded  by The Friends of the Coronado Public Library and contributions from the Hotel del Coronado.

Evolving role

The  Festival has evolved to fill a topical and important role in the island’s community, Weston said. She noted the  Library’s carefully coordinated events bring people together in an increasingly isolated age. 

Weston believes that the Library and its programs help form connections. 

“It’s important for the Coronado community because the Library is a gathering place. You can come here to see a free concert, learn a new skill, or just meet others over a shared interest,” she said. “In this modern world where technological communication dominates and loneliness is at an all-time high, we offer programs that get people out of their heads and out of their houses to enjoy something fun with others.  We all need that.” 

For a complete list of the Summer Festival’s offerings, visit the Coronado Public Library’s website. 

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