In today’s digital age, heartwarming and entertaining pet content has become a popular way to brighten up our social media feeds. Among the many talented and adorable animals capturing our attention, one particular dog has stolen the spotlight with his impressive and endearing skill.

Meet Harlso, a precious Dachshund with a captivating talent. This pup has channeled his inner zen and is able to balance a whole assortment of wobbly items on his head. His dad recently shared a TikTok on their account, @harlso, that shows his skill in its full glory, so be sure to check it out below!

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Oh my goodness, Harlso has the balance and poise of an acrobat! This pup’s dad stacked several different things on his head to demonstrate the depth and versatility of this talent, such as an egg, a banana, and a hot dog! Though, Harlso was more than happy to get his doppelgänger off his head and eat it.

Teaching a dog to balance objects on their head can be a fun activity for you and your pup. Once you’ve mastered basic obedience commands like “sit” and “stay,” choose lightweight and safe objects to begin with, like small toys or treats. Introduce the object, use a cue word like “hold,” and reward your dog for keeping it balanced on their head while gradually increasing the duration and height of the object. Soon enough, they’ll have this trick down pat!

People in the comments are totally enthralled by this budding circus performer. TikTok user @adrianssaulitis7 said, “He looks so dedicated to making sure they don’t fall. Too cute!” Another person, @trouble_reimagined, commented, “So all his ties match the things he’s balancing, and I’m totally here for it.”

It’s hard to believe there could be a person who isn’t impressed with Harlso’s balancing act on display in the video. Someone needs to get this pup on America’s Got Talent, because he would go straight to the top!

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