On Saturday, October 21, a wildlife conservationist shared a video featuring a pair of red wolves engaging on some playful and light-hearted behavior. In the clip, these two seem to have a case of the zoomies as they romp around with each other.

The footage, posted on TikTok user @gmconservation‘s account, has people falling in love with these majestic yet silly animals. You don’t want to miss out on this particularly precious case of the zoomies!


Have you ever seen a red wolf get the zoomies?

♬ original sound – gillian 🙂

Oh my goodness this is so adorable! These two wolves were feeling particularly playful on that day, and they decided to see if they could convince their caretaker to play with them. There’s no denying how precious these wolves are.

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Dogs and wolves share a common ancestor and belong to the same biological family, Canidae, which is obvious after watching this video. Besides their physical similarities, these two wolves are behaving the same way we’ve seen countless other domesticated canine duos behave. There’s no denying the history between these two species!

Canines are particularly known for exhibiting “the zoomies” due to excess energy and a natural instinct to engage in bursts of physical activity. These episodes are typically triggered by excitement, pent-up energy, or sometimes as a social response to play or interaction. The zoomies help animals release stress, exercise their muscles, and have fun, making it a common and healthy behavior for our furry friends.

These two red wolves are wild but temporarily captive because of the zoo’s participation in a Species Survival Plan (SSP) program. The red wolf population is critically endangered, with fewer than 20 to 30 red wolves remaining in the wild in the United States. A SSP Program is a collaborate effort within the zoological community involving careful breeding and caring for captive populations.

We love that despite the hardships of their species and temporary captivity, these two red wolves are keeping the mood in their enclosure light and airy. It’s always time for zoomies when it comes to this family!

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