When we think of koalas, pictures of cuddly teddy bears with fuzzy ears likely pop into our heads. Oh, and that cute black nose, too. However, there’s one koala that is changing the picture in our heads.

On October 20, the TikTok profile for News.com.au (@news.com.au), an Australian news station, shared a video that might change how we see koalas. Take a look!


Draw me like one of your Aussie girls 💅 #koala #servinglooks #aussieanimals #bonita

♬ original sound – noah…

There isn’t much context given to the video posted that only lasts six seconds, but that kind of makes it even funnier.

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The setting looks to be a zoo because, from the view of the camera, we’re looking at the animal among a crowd of people.

The koala is sitting up in a tree, and he doesn’t look like the koalas that we know with fluffy ears and button noses. This koala has something different.

He’s sitting in the tree, holding a pose that’s reminiscent of George Costanza from Seinfeld when he is posing on that sheepskin rug. Or like Rose from the Titanic movies when Jack was drawing her. And he’s very not fluffy; instead, he’s very muscly.

“This koala has 10/10 rizz,” the text on the video reads. And the caption carries that on, which says, “Draw me like one of your Aussie girls.”

The comment section understandably took off, with more than two thousand people leaving funny comments.

“He invented rizz,” one person wrote.

“That koala definitely got chlamydia,” added another.

“He ate my heart,” someone else shared.

“The boys need to take notes,” joked another.

“That’s pretty boy,” admitted another TikTok viewer.

“It knows that money doesn’t grow on trees, so it’s working the magic for food,” added someone else.

Unfortunately, koalas are not doing too well in the wild. “Koalas are in serious decline, suffering from the effects of habitat destruction, domestic dog attacks, bushfires, and road accidents,” Save the Koala Foundation reports.

“The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that there are less than 63,665 Koalas left in the wild, possibly as few as 38,648.”

Could you imagine a world without these guys? Hopefully, that never comes true.

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