The Coronado High School volleyball team is looking to the playoffs — and future — as the regular season comes to a close.

Coach Adeile Ahmu said the team will find out its standing for the playoffs on Oct. 21, after their league record is determined. 

The Islanders lost to Academy in three sets, and then beat Clairemont in three sets on Oct. 12, to have a 17-14 overall record.

Ahmu’s goal is to be above 10th place when the Islanders find out their postseason standing as this would likely give them a first round home playoff match. 

Losing seven seniors

Unfortunately, the close of the season will mean saying goodbye to seven seniors

The team is looking towards the leadership of returning players—such as junior outside hitter and captain Sadie Proctor—for next year. 

Junior Sadie Proctor high-fives senior captain Emily Wygal (14). Photo courtesy of Kelly Moore.

Proctor is a captain with senior Emily Wygal and junior Emily Page

Coronado born and raised, Proctor started playing club volleyball in fifth grade with the La Jolla Knights. This is the same club that her mom, Jill Proctor, a former Duke volleyball player, used to play for. 

Proctor said her mom is one of her inspirations.

“She’s helped me a ton to become the volleyball player and person that I am today through her example.”

-Sadie Proctor, junior outside hitter.

“She’s helped me a ton to become the volleyball player and person that I am today through her example,” Proctor said. “She’s really humble.”

Proctor switched to a different club in eighth grade, and has since traveled all over the country for tournaments. 

Two positions

Her dedication to the sport year-round has left her an important asset: being a well-rounded player.  

Sadie Proctor has been playing volleyball since fifth grade. Photo courtesy of Kelly Moore.

Proctor is actually a setter for her club team and an outside hitter for the Coronado High School team. 

She said both positions have aided her with improving in the other. As an outside, she has been able to focus on her defensive game and with her experience as a setter, she is better able to read the block, which aids her as an outside.

“I can read the setter’s hands more easily, which means I can tell who’s going to hit it, and I feel like I’m a smarter player because of it,” Proctor said.  

Ahmu said Proctor brings a lot to the team as an outside hitter, a position which secures 80% of the offense. 

“She has a humble competitiveness about her. She is hungry to win, stays calm most of the time and helps the energy stay balanced on the court.”

-Adeile Ahmu, head volleyball coach.

“Sadie has a humble competitiveness about her,” Ahmu said. “She is hungry to win, stays calm most of the time and helps the energy stay balanced on the court.” 

Proctor said that while the high school season is in full swing, she still squeezes in setting sessions on the weekend to keep herself sharp as a setter.

Sadie Proctor (17) goes for the block. Photo courtesy of Kelly Moore.

“You come to realize that there’s going to be a time when your coach is going to be putting you on the court and if you haven’t practiced, you’re going to be letting not only yourself down, but everyone down. You have a team that depends on you,” Proctor said. 

What’s next?

As the team looks ahead to the upcoming single-elimination playoffs, Ahmu said she is also looking ahead to the leadership of Proctor and other returning players for next year.

“My hopes for the athletes who plan on returning next year would be to continue to practice their craft and get better with all their fundamental skills,” Ahmu said. “My hope would be they all play year round together, but as long as they continue to play, it will help this program for years ahead.” 

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