It’s difficult to come up with ways to amuse cats. Their naturally inquisitive nature can make it hard for them to focus for any length of time. That’s why one clever pet parent devised a game to keep them busy for a while.

Check out this video shared on September 7th that uses only household items for entertaining your frisky felines! It’s such a genius idea!


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We are so impressed by TikTok user @mestabrookmusic clever game. For what will be called the game board, they are using a sheet pan filled with water. Then they took bottle caps, placed a few treats in each one, and floated them on top of the water. This idea captivated these inquisitive kitties. We see them trying to bite at the caps, and paw at them to get them within reach. Their futile attempts only seem to make them even more curious.

Their parent tells us this is revenge for all the items knocked off the dresser and early wake-up calls. Ha! They report that once these cats had given up, they rewarded them with all the treats for their efforts. It’s a win-win for everyone. Especially these beautiful kitties, who benefit from these types of enrichment activities such as this. Similar to humans doing crossword puzzles or playing cards, it’s good for keeping them feeling young and healthy.

Audience members pointed out some potentially funny problems from playing this game with your cats. Viewer @SydneyErin responded, “We don’t allow cat treats in this house. Because my cat can smell them anywhere, we put them and scream for them at 4 a.m. while he wrecks the kitchen.” Too funny! Viewer @Palmdog quipped, “I am slightly concerned about your safety though because cats hold grudges.” That’s true. They might serve up their revenge in very unexpected ways. Another member responded, “Jokes on you, my cats would drink the water and then have unlimited bottle caps and treats to play hockey with at 2 a.m.” Good point. Picking those caps up at the end of this game is imperative.

If your cat isn’t afraid of water, skip this game. Otherwise, it might not be so entertaining when you’re cleaning up the mess.

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