The Los Angeles Chargers entered this season ready to prove everyone wrong about them. After the collapse in the postseason last year, many were calling for the job of head coach Brandon Staley. But the Bolts organization decided to give him another chance to prove himself.

The team brought in a new offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, to help make sure the weird offensive struggles didn’t occur again. But the problem on this team has never been the offense but rather the defense.

When Staley was hired, it was seen as a great move to boost the Chargers defense due to his success with the Los Angeles Rams. But the defense has never lived up to the hype in his time with the Chargers, and it’s starting to get to the point of being a real problem.

Multiple media members have called Staley out, and recently, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN joined the club.

Staley entered the year on the hot seat, and if the Chargers don’t find success this season, he is likely to be fired. He is a decent enough coach, but his aggressive play style can sometimes come back to bite him.

We’ve seen it over the few years he has been in charge. The Bolts have a team capable of competing for a Super Bowl but have vastly underwhelmed during his tenure. Having a quarterback like Justin Herbert leading this team, the Chargers should be one of the more unstoppable squads across the NFL.

But silly mistakes and lack of preparation have plagued this team. After dropping the opening game of the new season to the Miami Dolphins, the issues continued, but luckily, it is just one week.

They have a chance to redeem themselves for this year and put this narrative to bed. But it will take the entire team working together, and it’s on Staley to make sure things are running smoothly the rest of the way.

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