The Los Angeles Chargers SURVIVE! LA escapes with a thriller road win over the Minnesota Vikings to move to 1-2 and grab a much-needed victory.

The offense and defense did their job, in particular QB Justin Herbert and WR Keenan Allen. It was a nail-biting game from beginning to end; however, just when you think LA had it locked up, they pulled a questionable ball toward the end of the game.

The Chargers helped the ball with less than two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter on their side of the 24. It was fourth and one, and instead of punting it on over to the Vikings, head coach Brandon Staley decided to go for it to ice the game.

Of course, LA failed to capitalize and turned it over on downs. Many were confused about the decision by Staley, luckily, it didn’t hurt them in the end, but it left many wondering about the decision behind it. Fans took to Twitter to express the strange call.

It was as risky as risky can get, and I’m sure if he were to do it all over, he’d punt the ball away.

The defense possibly saved Staley from getting fired with a clutch stand inside their own 20. It was quite idiotic call if you ask me, and something they should never do again.

Still, LA came out on top, but this questionable call will be talked about for the rest of the week.

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