When you think about Steve-O, you probably picture the MTV star from his days on the hit show Jackass, but did you also know he’s quite the animal lover? As we learned in a clip from @steveotv, posted on Saturday, August 19th, the well-known reality TV star found love in an unexpected place when he visited Peru a couple of years back while on a mountaineering trip.

Little did this prankster know that amidst the mountains and adventure, he’d find a soulmate in the form of a street dog. Yep, that’s right— a street dog named Wendy stole his heart. Check out the heartwarming story about how these two found their way to one another below.


This is the story of how I found true love in Peru exactly six years ago…

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As we learned, Wendy was the pup who wagged her way into his heart. It was a connection that couldn’t be ignored! Now, they’re an inseparable pair, and Wendy continues to be his permanent hiking buddy and BFF back in California, where they live together.

Now, let’s not forget that Steve-O is no stranger to the world of animals. He’s not just a daredevil and prankster but also an animal advocate and devoted dog lover.

For instance, earlier this year, during his ‘The Bucket List Tour,’ he took his passion for animals to Boise, Idaho. While performing at the Egyptian Theater, he brought out a group of adoptable dogs from the Idaho Humane Society. He showcased their cuteness and charm during the event, hoping to find them loving homes.

And guess what? It worked like magic! One of the pups featured Quartz, found his forever home thanks to Steve-O’s big heart and commitment to making a difference in the lives of animals. It was a true match made in heaven that wouldn’t have happened without Steve-O’s dedication to the cause.

In addition, Steve-O and his fiance are proud pet parents to four dogs and two cats— a true blended family united by their shared love for animals. And that’s not all! They have a big dream of someday starting their own animal sanctuary. How amazing!

Steve-O’s journey with his new furry friend Wendy is like a beautiful continuation of a loving narrative that spans across continents and stages. From his dedication to showcasing adoptable dogs on tour to his commitment to animal welfare, it’s clear that his love for animals is more than just a part of his life— it’s a part of his identity.

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