A light tan building with palm trees lining the front and three big flags waving from metal flag poles are in the front of the building. It is the American flag, California flag and city of Coronado's flag.
Entrance to Coronado City Hall. Photo courtesy of Andrea McCullough.

I am writing to acknowledge the important contributions Coronado Councilmember John
Duncan has made in support of mobility for seniors and people with disabilities in San Diego County.

I am the Executive Director of Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT)

FACT is a non-profit providing countywide special needs transportation, including wheelchair accessible transportation.

In 2022, FACT provided over 38,000 special needs rides of which 120 were delivered in the City of Coronado.

Duncan shows appreciation for FACT

As the representative of the Coronado City Council on SANDAG’s Transportation Committee, Duncan appreciates the significance of FACT’s services to the community.

From his very first Transportation Committee meeting at SANDAG, Duncan has spoken clearly and passionately with fellow committee members and SANDAG staff regarding the critical need for supporting specialized transportation services.

Coronado City Councilman John Duncan.

FACT is the operator of RideFACT transportation, which is the only next-day service offering subsidized transportation countywide for seniors and people with disabilities.

Due to Duncan’s continued efforts and advocacy in support of sustainable special needs transportation, SANDAG staff recently agreed to look for additional options to fund FACT.

Duncan secured funding

In July, SANDAG announced an allocation of $343,000 from unclaimed Cycle 12 Specialized Transportation Grant Program funds for FACT’s RideFACT program, which had run out of funds recently.

This infusion will allow FACT to resume the RideFACT program in 2024 and operate it for almost a year.

FACT and the community in San Diego County will benefit from the inroads Councilmember Duncan continues to make on our behalf into specialized mobility needs.

The need for specialized transportation is growing as the demographics trend towards older populations overall.

The County will be better prepared for the residents to age in place and live independently if they have mobility options in place that are suitable and affordable.

Thank you John for the good work!

Arun Prem
Executive Director,
Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT) Inc.

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Arun Prem is Executive Director of FACT,
Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation. The organization is based in Oceanside.