One of the more stubborn after-effects of COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdowns has been the emergence of remote work as a viable option for some white collar workers.

Born out of necessity, working from home has transformed the way people commute, spend money, and allocate their time since the pandemic ended.

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It’s been so sweet for some of those workers that major tech companies — who have spent billions of dollars making their campuses as state of the art and welcoming to employees as possible — have had trouble convincing some employees to come back to the office.

In June, Google told employees that have not received official approval to work from home that they will have to spend at least three days a week in the office and stated that they will be tracking attendance via office badges as part of its employee performance reviews.

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To help get them acclimated, Google has a new carrot to entice workers to come back to the office. Don’t bother commuting home — sleep overnight on campus.

Google is offering a $99 per night “Summer Special” sale for an on-campus hotel to entice hybrid workers to maintain their three-day a week in-office commitment, CNBC reported, citing promotional materials and internal forums it viewed.

“Just imagine no commute to the office in the morning and instead, you could have an extra hour of sleep and less friction,” the offer said.

The employees will have to pay out of pocket for the special, which ends on September 30.

The hotel rooms are reportedly located on the company’s Bay View campus that it recently opened.

Tech companies that led the charge in remote work during the pandemic have almost uniformly pushed for employees to return to the office at least part time.

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