We recently discovered one wholesome TikTok that’s been melting hearts all over the internet. It features a sweet yellow Labrador Retriever and its human mom having the most adorable jam session ever! 

As we see in the video from @madewithmaggie, this Lab’s mom decided to have a little fun and asked their Alexa to play Noah Kahan’s song “All My Love.” What happened next was pure magic! As soon as the music started playing, this lovable pup couldn’t help but show their love for the song. With each beat, they tilted their head from side to side, almost as if trying to catch the rhythm and join in on the fun.


When you listen to Noah Kahan constantly and unintentionally pass your love for his music onto your four month old lab. #noahkahanmusic #noahkahan #noahkahanstickseason #noahkahantok #allmylove #labradorpuppy #yellowlab #puppy #dog

♬ original sound – Maggie Herring

It’s incredible how dogs react to music. They have this amazing ability to pick up on different sounds and vibes. They’re not shy about expressing their excitement when they come across a tune they like.

As it turns out, dogs actually have preferences when it comes to music. According to experts, it’s more complex than we might think. While research suggests that dogs may have preferences toward specific types of music, a dog’s taste in music can also vary widely.

In addition, some studies suggest that dogs might be more drawn to certain melodies, tempos, or patterns. In fact, music that mirrors natural sounds, like classical tunes or reggae beats, could have a calming effect on our furry friends. 

Regardless of their musical preferences, one thing’s certain: the bond between this Lab and their mom is beyond heartwarming. The way they connect through the magic of music is just priceless, and it’s evident that they share an unbreakable friendship.

So, next time you’re in the mood to dance around the house or have a cozy jam session, don’t forget to include your furry companion. Their adorable reactions and infectious energy will make the experience even more joyful.

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