Does your dog enjoy taking rides in the car? Would you allow them to get in if you drove an outrageously expensive vehicle? As much as we love ours, we can’t say we would let their dirty paws get into this one.

In a video posted on August 10th, TikTok user @brodiethatdood takes us along on a photo shoot. Where this well-mannered pooch handled it like a total pro.


Brodie pleasssee do not scratch the leather 😅 #pagani #goldendoodle #hypercar #paganihuayra #dogphotography

♬ fukumean – Gunna

Goodness gracious, this is one expensive ride to let a dog in. At first, we see Brodie, the handsome Golden Doodle, arriving at the dealership in the car with his dad. When they head inside, they are taken over to a car that’s worth $4 million. Wowza! They wanted this gorgeous pooch to take photos inside the vehicle, acting as if he owned it. We love our dogs too, but what? The Pagani has a futuristic design, reminiscent of Back to the Future, with McLaren-style doors that lift from the side. But we must admit, this high-performance sports car does in fact look even better with this stunning pooch inside.

We see him looking like Joe Cool in the driver’s seat with his goggle-style shades on. Another photo shows him sitting in the driver’s seat with his owner standing outside of the car. Isn’t that an ironic role reversal? Eventually, he let his dad sit in the passenger seat, where they snapped many terrific photographs. Brodie is so relaxed, just hanging out with its face on the doorjamb. In the caption, his owner jokes he hoped he wouldn’t scratch the leather. OMG! Can you even imagine? That alone could be a half-million-dollar repair.

This unusual photo opportunity amused audience members. “The car would have been a nice way to thank Brodie,” according to @RachelHaley. That’s for sure. Another viewer responded, “He makes this car look even better! Million-dollar car, priceless dog!” That’s a perfect way to put it. Viewer @juliadeleon1969 said, “He is more expensive than those cars.” We think he’s worth far more, too.

The next time you take your dog out for a ride, and they get a little slobber on the window, it won’t seem so bad. Unless you also drive a $4 million car.

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