All animal lovers know how good it feels to spoil our pets. Knowing that we are giving them the best care possible puts a smile on our face and warms our hearts. That’s likely how one man felt when he went above and beyond for his fur babies.

TikTok user @darienneslocum is a cat mom for two precious kitties named Tuscan Herb and Cruiser Blue, and on Saturday, August 25, she shared a video about a very wholesome project their dad is undertaking on their behalf. He is cat dad of the year!


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Awww, this is so sweet! This cat dad built his felines a multiple story “catio” so they can explore and enjoy the outdoors without being at risk of running away or falling victim to a predator. Of course, once the catio was completed, Tuscan and Cruiser spent all of their time out there enjoying the fresh air and watching critters scamper back and forth across the yard. It’s just perfect for these cats!

It’s crucial for cats to engage with nature in a supervised manner to maintain their overall well-being and provide them with essential mental and physical stimulation.  While indoor environments offer safety and protection, they may lack the variety and sensory experiences that outdoor settings provide.

Controlled outdoor interactions allow cats to explore different textures, scents, and sounds, which can enrich their senses and alleviate boredom. Additionally, supervised outdoor exposure supports their natural instincts, allowing them to exhibit behaviors like stalking, pouncing, and climbing.

While this family’s solution was this home made catio, others opt for using a harness and leash on their feline. Some people elect to bring elements of the outdoors inside, such as a variety of cat-safe plants and a bubbling fountain. All of these offer sensory experiences that mimic the outdoor environment.

However, supervision while outdoors is essential to ensure your cat’s safety, protect them from potential hazards like traffic or predators, and prevent negative impacts on local wildlife.

We couldn’t be more pleased to see what an enriching and peaceful catio Tuscan Cruiser’s dad made for them. Someone get this man an award for cat dad of the year!

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