There are some spectacular animals in this world but there’s nothing quite like a parrot. Not only are they beautiful with their bright colors, or deep greys, but they’re smart and hilarious. They can also be incredibly sweet, which a parrot named Cosmo proves.

On TikTok, Cosmo the Funny Parrot (@cosmothefunnyparrot) shared a sweet video of the happiness the sweet bird felt when her mom returned from vacation. It’s a must watch — take a look!


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In a short but sweet 18-second video, we’re introduced to Cosmo, an African Grey parrot who is a little upset her mom was away for a few weeks.

“Mama was gone for two weeks. It was 15 sleeps,” Cosmo’s mom can be heard saying in the video.

“You had to wait for mommy to get back,” she added. “Mama home now. Mama back from vacation, right?”

This prompted sweet Cosmo to share her feelings with her mom, and she felt she was gone.

“Yeah. I miss you,” the bird tells her human mom.

“I miss you, too. That was a long time,” she shared with Cosmo.

“I love you,” the adorable bird replied.

The comment section was filled with people who felt the touching exchange between Cosmo and her mom.

“So glad you’re back!!” one person wrote.

“Such a sweetheart,” another viewer shared.

“Must be so hard to be away from Cosmo!!” wrote another. “She’s basically human so it’s like being away from your child.”

“My heart when she says I missed you!” another viewer shared.

“Cosmo you are such a loving baby you tell momma that you missed her,” someone else wrote. “And I heard you whisper I love you.”

According to Texas A&M University, parrots are entertaining and cool. Still, there’s a responsibility that comes with having one as a pet.

Parrots can make excellent pets for the right people, but caring for a parrot is not easy if they have not been tamed,” Dr. Ian Tizard, distinguished professor and director of the Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences said.

“Parrots are incredibly smart, and they get bored easily. Owners need to keep them amused or they can be quite messy, loud, and destructive. They are also not a pet you can essentially leave with a bowl of food and go away for the weekend. They are, I would argue, a much greater responsibility than dogs or cats.”

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