As dog parents, we are always noticing our pup’s habits and mannerisms. We devote so much time and attention to these canine companions that we pick up on small cues as well as the large ones, just like this woman does with her dog.

TikTok user @echobadlistener is a mom to a deaf and blind dog named Morty. She recently shared a clip showing several wholesome things that she noticed her pup does, and the list is sure to melt your heart.


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Oh, Morty is such a sweetheart. Despite his impaired senses, he is still a fun-loving and affectionate dog that brings so much light to the lives of his family members. Whether he is on a walk with his mom, cuddling on the couch with his dad, or hanging out with his canine siblings, Morty doesn’t leave any doubt that he loves his people and fellow dogs.

As Morty’s mom can tell you, taking care of a blind and deaf dog requires special attention and understanding, and there are a few tips to provide the best care for your furry friend. First, establish a consistent routine and keep the environment familiar to help your dog navigate and feel secure. Use scent cues, such as essential oils or unique toys, to aid in orientation, as a dog’s already strong sense of smell will only heighten with the loss of their vision and hearing.

It’s also important to use touch and vibrations to communicate with your dog—gentle touches and hand signals can convey your presence and commands. Based on the way Morty is always touching various members of his family, it’s clear he relies on touch more than the average dog. Lastly, shower your dog with love, patience, and positive reinforcement to build trust and strengthen your bond.

With the right care and attention, your blind and deaf dog can still lead a happy and fulfilling life, and it’s clear to see that Morty is surrounded by so much love, care and companionship. This dog and his family aren’t letting his disabilities slow him down, that’s for sure!

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