Some animals have seriously impressive hidden talents. From dogs that can paint to cats that can actually talk, there is a lot more our pets can do than we give them credit for. And one little kitten is now exploring her love of music, and it’s total cuteness.

TikTok user @catalina_la_gata shared a video of a small, tiny kitten who meets a piano that has its keys exposed. The kitten, named Catalina, quickly discovered what happens when she walks across the keys. 

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“Catalina discovered the piano and won’t stop walking on the keys,” the caption of the 15-second video reads. At first, it’s hard to see little Catalina because she’s so small and her white and black fur camouflage pretty well with the piano keys.

Catalina takes a few steps across the keys and the note from each sing from the piano. She seems hesitant at first, walking from one side to the other and getting startled by some of the lower sounds.

But she didn’t let that worry her too long. Instead, she turns around and walks back to the right side of the keys, making music along the way. And, to prove just how much she’s intrigued by the sounds the piano makes, she turns one more time to head back to the lower sounds on the left side.

By the end of the video, Catalina’s hesitation seemed completely gone and it looked like she was having the best time discovering what music was, and how her little feet were making the sounds.

If Catalina’s interest in the piano continues to develop, she might become the next Nora the Piano Cat. Nora was made famous in 2007 when a YouTube video featuring the gray tabby cat playing the piano with intention gained international fame. 

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