There are certain songs that we love so much that simply hearing them compiles us to sing along, no matter the setting or circumstance. One dog can relate to this sentiment, as made clear by his hilarious video.

TikTok user @womcar05 is the mom to a beautiful white Great Pyrenees dog named Aspen, and when listening to country singer Garth Brooks recently, Aspen had the most relatable reaction! It’s a must-see for any dog lover or country music fan!

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LOL, Aspen heard the opening notes of the Garth Brooks song “Friends in Low Places” and immediately rose from his deep slumber. The pup even made sure to belt out a couple of notes as he howled along to the song! Even when dead asleep, no one can resist singing along to this song.

Listening to music can benefit dogs in various ways. Just like humans, dogs can find relaxation, comfort, and entertainment in music. It can soothe anxiety, lower heart rate and blood pressure, increase focus, reduce hyperactivity, and provide mental stimulation. Music also helps strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners, creating a calm and positive environment.

Dogs may howl along to music due to their instinctual behavior and their ability to pick up on certain frequencies and sounds. Howling is a form of vocalization for dogs, and when they hear certain notes or tones in music, it can trigger their natural instinct to join in and communicate.

Additionally, howling can also be a response to the emotional impact of music. Dogs are highly attuned to human emotions, and if they sense excitement, sadness, or even a strong beat in the music, they may feel compelled to vocalize and express themselves through howling.

We are glad that Aspen’s mom plays him his favorite song. It’s clear that this pup loves this Garth Brooks song, but he would probably prefer to listen to it when he is fully awake!

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