Anthony Pascale is the chef and owner of Saiko Sushi. Photo courtesy of Pascale.

Chef Anthony Pascale is the chef and owner of Saiko Sushi in Coronado and North Park.

The Coronado location has been open nearly 13 years, and Pascale credits its success a basic principle of building relationships with staff and customers.

Pascale previously had been a chef in Park City, Utah and moved to San Diego to continue his career.  He also took on a great love and passion for sake, and he attended a program in Japan that has allowed him to create a special menu.

Anthony Pascale operates SAiko Sushi in Coronado and North Park. Photo courtesy of Pascale.

After working as a sushi chef and gathering experience in both cities, Pascale decided it was time to open his own spot with his previous business partner. 

He looked for a couple years while dealing with the increased difficulty of finding a spot as a first time owner.

High school friend suggests Coronado

Coronado wasn’t on Pascale’s radar until a friend from high school who lived in Coronado suggested coming to the island.

His friend knew the type of space he needed and a spot that was available.

“He physically dragged me over the bridge to come look at the spot,”  Pascale said.

At the time, the business was putting in offers anywhere it could – even if the owners didn’t like the place. 

Happy hour research

Pascale said he did some market research by coming to a few happy hours in Coronado and fell in love.

He said he didn’t know much about the city, but he pursued the location and ended up getting the spot at 116 Orange Ave.

Anthony Pascale needed a high school friend to pitch him on Coronado, but he immediately fell in love and now has a successful restaurant at 116 Orange Ave. Photo courtesy of Pascale.

The restaurant welcomes everyone, and Pascale said he likes giving back to the community and.

He did so recently with CoSA or Coronado School of the Arts, where a portion of the proceeds from a special dinner went to to the pre-professional arts education program for students from Coronado and San Diego.

The most important thing in business is personal relationships.”

-Chef and Saiko Sushi owner Anthony Pascale

“The most important thing in business is personal relationships. I have to have personal relationships with staff and customers and other restaurant owners,” he said. “The best thing I learned about business is to be a good person.”

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