Librarians (left to right) Jacqueline Luna, Ivy Weston, Natalie Stringer and Kelly Andrade hold up selections for Coronado Public Library’s April book club meetings. Photo by Andrea Soto.

Ivy Weston, Senior Librarian for Programs, Outreach & Marketing at the Coronado Public Library, is hard at work coordinating events.

Weston has held this position for two years in May, but has been a librarian since 2007, and she has a master’s degree in Information Science. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Weston was living and working in Los Angeles, but was ready for a change which led her to Coronado. 

Weston is in charge of supervising the Child Librarian, the Adult Services Librarian, the Teen Services Librarian and other assistants.

“This community is really special. They welcomed me with open arms and many have worked here and lived here for years.”

Ivy Weston, senior librarian.

“This community is really special. They welcomed me with open arms and many have worked here and lived here for years,” Weston said. “I felt very embraced from the start, and I would love to give back to the community by offering all these amazing programs.”

Five different book clubs

The Coronado Public Library is home to five different book clubs that meet mothy.  Most of the clubs are welcome to adults, but teenagers are welcome to join in as well. The library also has a graphic book novel book club for teens. 

Here’s a look at the various other book clubs:

Through Their Eyes consists of memoir and biography style writing. This club is designed to see the world through other people’s eyes who may be different than we are. 

The Mystery Book Club is the oldest club, and its members are always making each other laugh and usually go back and forth reading modern mysteries and classic mysteries, Weston said.

The Spoiler Book Club is very fun and unique since at the meetings they come together and watch the movie for the book they are reading, she said.

The newest club is The Best of the Best, where members read Pulitzer Prize Award winning books. 

Opportunity to meet community members

The Coronado Public Library’s book clubs are great for individuals who find themselves reading the same genres and the same authors, Weston said. 

Weston added that book clubs are also a great way to get out and meet people in the community. 

 “The best book clubs are the ones who have people who love the book and have people who hate the book,” said Weston. 

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