The world can be very lonely if you don’t have someone you can share it with, and that’s true for our pets, too.

On October 29, TikTok user Samson the Suffolk (@Samson_the_Suffolk) shared a really moving video of a horse named Samson that met another horse named Oscar. Take a look!


Samson is alone no more 🧡🤍 #fyp #newbeginnings #britishpercheron #suffolkpunch #whiteswanoscar #broomfieldsamson

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In the 23-second video, we get smacked with a big dose of feels when Samson meets a friend he very much needs. The video starts with Samson walking around the corner, being led by one of his humans.

“When Samson met Oscar …” the text on the screen reads.

As Samson rounds the corner, he sees Oscar, an adorable seven-month-old horse, who is excited to meet Samson.

Samson walks up to Oscar, and the two stare at each other with little Oscar making cute clacking sounds as if to say “hello.”

“Samson is alone no more,” the caption of the video reads. And people in the comments were in love with this sweet moment.

“Aw, he’s only a baby with him clacking,” one person shared.

“I love the clacking at Samson, ‘I’m just a baby!'” another wrote.

“Aww, Samson has such a gentle face,” another viewer shared. “I’m sure he will take him under his wing.”

“Samson has a new accomplice,” another joked.

According to Shifa Farm & House Call Veterinarians, horses like to be around other animals and have companions, and it’s healthier for them to have someone.

“Horses are social creatures that like to be in the company of other animals. In the wild, horses live in small herds,” the site explains. “Providing your horse with companionship is imperative for their physical and emotional well-being.”

The site explains that you don’t have to have another horse for yours to be happy and thriving. Other animals, such as donkeys and mules, goats, pigs, or cows, make good friends for a horse. But as the vet explains, “Horses need other horses. Ideally, a horse should always be able to see and touch an equine companion.”

We’re so glad Samson and Oscar have each other now.

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