On Thursday, November 9, a mother shared a video featuring her newborn baby and her equestrian companion. In the clip, the three of them are strolling around their pasture together, and it’s clear she and the horse have conflicting ideas on whose baby this is.

The horse’s obvious love for this baby is truly beautiful to see—no one can deny her deep affection for the baby!


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Oh my goodness, this horse is beyond sweet! She was glued to the baby’s stroller for the entire walk, often sticking her nose into the baby’s space to check on him. There’s no doubt that this equine friend would do anything for the baby!

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Horses, renowned for their gentle and intuitive nature, often display a remarkable sensitivity when interacting with infants. In the presence of a newborn, a horse’s demeanor tends to soften, its movements become more deliberate, and a quiet curiosity emerges.

These majestic creatures, known for their ability to sense subtle cues, seem to recognize the fragility of the tiny human nearby. With a gentle nuzzle or a soft whinny, a horse might convey a sense of protectiveness, establishing a serene and harmonious atmosphere that highlights the unique bond between these two very different beings.

This priceless video was shared by their mom, TikTok user @kierandonalds0n, and it went viral due to the incredible behavior from the horse. People in the comments understandably can’t get enough!

Some TikTok users were amazed by the gentle and docile nature of this horse. “Is this for real?!? I never knew horses get attached to human babies, this is amazing,” said TikTok user @krc.its.me. 

Other viewers, such as @sammamrosh, thought the horse’s dedication to getting a proper whiff of the baby was beyond hilarious. “The way she shook her head when you pushed her nose away, LOL! She’s like, excuse me ma’am!” she commented.

This is the kind of video we are going to be thinking about for the rest of the week. We don’t deserve animals and their immense capacity for love!

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