On Sunday, November 12, a dog mom shared a video that many of us will find relatable. In the clip, she shows the reality of trying to exercise at home when you have a dog, and it’s safe to say this workout isn’t going the way she had hoped.

While some people might find this dog’s behavior frustrating, true dog lovers are going to cherish and appreciate every opportunity to bond with their pup, even if it’s during a workout!


Exercise with your dog they said 😅 #exercisedog #bernesemountaindog #mydogsloveme #yogadog

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Awwww, this dog mom’s Bernese Mountain Dog named Brue was so happy to see her mom put the yoga mat down! She must know that this means her mom will be easy to reach as she alternates poses. In fact, as the video posted by TikTok user @grizzly.bane shows, Brue was jumping and wiggling all over her mom during every yoga pose!

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Bernese Mountain Dogs are cherished companions known for their unwavering love, loyalty, and playful nature. These gentle giants form deep bonds with their families, showering them with affection and warmth. Renowned for their innate sense of loyalty, Bernese Mountain Dogs are dedicated guardians, always eager to stand by their loved ones.

Despite their impressive size, these dogs have a delightful and fun-loving spirit, enjoying playtime and adventures with both adults and children alike. With their friendly disposition and loving demeanor, Bernese Mountain Dogs bring joy and companionship to any household, creating lasting memories with their endearing personalities.

People in the comments couldn’t help but make a few lighthearted jokes about this dog mom’s predicament. “She said you are doing downward dog all wrong!” said TikTok user @mrbravo75.

Other viewers, such as @lifra37, thought Brue is the perfect workout buddy. “You’re working your core…it counts. Great trainer!” she commented.

We just can’t believe the amount of energy that this Berner brought to his mom’s yoga session. Brue clearly isn’t a pup to pass up an opportunity to play!

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