Coronado’s Scott Harris has won this year’s International Masters Regatta held in San Diego.

The event lasted three days, from Oct. 20-22, with Harris pulling the win on the very last day. 

Harris jokes that this event is known as the “old man version” of races because drivers of the sailboat have to be over 60 while the rest of the crew has to be over 45. 

Harris has been sailing since he was 5, and now at 64, he said sailing is something he’s done his entire life.

Day of the race 

The final day of racing saw several teams that had the potential to seize the title, with multiple sailors putting in work after the race was postponed an hour. 

Anticipation built up for both sailors and spectators as they waited for the wind to fill in. 

Scott Harris (left) and his team is this year’s 2023 International Masters Regatta champion. Photo from San Diego Yacht Club.

With all the action in previous races leading up to the final race, everything hinged on the last race of the regatta. Harris had held onto his lead, and although he had a few sailors hot on his heels, he remained steady.

“We had a goal in mind, and we had a really great crew. So, we thought we could do it.”

Scott Harris

“I’m known as a very calm person. We had a goal in mind, and we had a really great crew,” Harris told The Coronado News. “So, we thought we could do it.”

Harris dominated the downwind leg and by the time he returned for the second weather mark rounding he had gained seven boats. It was clear at this point that if he could maintain his position, he could secure the championship.

The win

Horns blasted and onlookers cheered as Harris and his team including Chuck Sinks, Peter VanWaay, Justin Bingham, John Rogers and Seth Miller crossed the finish line. 

This was the first time he’s raced with this specific team, Harris says, but he’s known Sinks since he was a child, sailing together when they were young. 

In the hard fought win, Harris’ team remained consistent and steadfast, finishing nearly every race of the regatta in the top third of the fleet. 

Harris finished as champion with 54 points.

“I’m very happy, ecstatic. You know, very excited. A lot of friends called, it was a good time,” Harris says. 

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